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Bonaire Evaporative Cooler

Bonaire Evaporative Cooler Service

Bonaire Evaporative Cooling through extensive research and continually developments the ultimate in efficient cooling that operates at considerably less running costs than standard coolers and include some of the most advance operational features of evaporative coolers today. That Evaporative Cooler is the Bonaire Pinnacle. So if you are looking for the ultimate in ducted evaporative cooling, then the Bonaire is the only choice for you.

Key Features

  • Not coming on
  • Noise but no air
  • Blown fuse
  • Not Cooling
  • Vibrations
Bonaire Evaporative Cooler Bonaire Evaporative Cooler

Bonaire uses a recent developed Motor Technology Dev, the motor used in the Bonaire cooler utilises axial flux motor technology delivering energy savings up to 40%* on standard motors, reduced noise and comfort. Bonaire Fan Design was designed with the is its unique “paddle” fan blade design with Bonaire Vortex Generators on top of each fan blade. This enables to fan to achieve more airflow and less noise as the fan spins at less RPM than other noisier fan blades.

The structural Stylish Strong Cabinet Design claims the best onto the profile of your roof. The sloped base tank holds less water than many flat based units. All Bonaire units are constructed using an injected moulded high strength plastic that is UV stabilised. Bonaire Humidity Control the Bonaire Pinnacle humidity control function allows you to select how often the honey comb filter pads are moistened, assisting the operational effectiveness of your Bonaire unit on humid days. Bonaire Air Ioniser the Bonaire Air Ioniser electrically charges the air molecules in the airstream. Negative ions are generated, purifying the air before it is discharged into your home. Bonaire Water Management System the Bonaire Pinnacle uses a water quality salinity sensor to determine the optimal time that the water in your cooler needs to be replaced. This ensures efficient unit operation and limits potential excessive calcium build up. After operation the Bonaire water tank is drained dry and clean.

Why we need regular Maintenance?

By using Evaporative Coolers, the risk of contracting legionnaire’s disease is extremely low. Evaporative cooling has been used worldwide for many years, and there has never been a documented case of infection. The bacteria causing Legionnaires disease are very common, but only build up to dangerous concentrations in warm stagnant water.

Maintenance is critical for Commercial Evaporative cooler at the end of the summer. Otherwise there is a risk of legionnaire’s disease. We can organise a service contract for all commercial Evaporative Coolers.

The Maintenance should be carried out before summer starts:

  1. By draining all water from the fan and pipes, clean all wet surfaces of the fan, and casing with a cloth soaked in 5ml of chlorine-based water. All build ups of lime scale or slime are removed and then rinse all surfaces with fresh water and wipe dry.
  2. Celdek pad or Aspen pads, fans operate from a constant supply of cold fresh water, so the bacterium doesn’t have the opportunity to multiply. Lime scale and slime build up can be removed by regular cleaning of wet surfaces with a mild bleach solution, will prevent a build-up forming.


Breeze Heating and Cooling Engineers are specialised in Change over units or New Installation for over a decade. We bit any prices and also we guarantee our jobs and our installation is very professional then others.

  • We use quality duct works
  • We use proper seals
  • We use roof plumber to work on the roof and guarantee for roof leaks
  • Change over units requires a experts product knowledge and giving customer entire satisfaction

Our Repair Services

  • Checking Electrical Connections and Component Operation
  • Water Distribution System
  • General Operation. Cabinet and Accessories
  • Fan motor PCBs & Control box
  • Drain valve Water inlet solenoid, Water probes
  • Chlorinator Water pump, Water distribution system - hoses and spreaders
  • Water level Cabinet integrity
  • Condition of inlet Air filters operation
  • Water connections Duct condition Roof penetrations Mounting & Vibration
  • Sanitising the unit with chlorination

Our Charges

Single storey building $165 + $22 for chemicals

Double storey building $209 + $22 for chemicals


3 Months for General Service and free call out, 1 year for any parts used

Same day service

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