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BRIVIS Evaporative Cooler

BRIVIS Evaporative Cooling comprises a central cooling unit connected to a series of outlets throughout your house. The cooling unit draws fresh air through moistened pads. As it passes through these pads the air is cooled and filtered before flowing through the ductwork and into your rooms – just like a refreshing sea breeze.

In comparison to refrigerated air conditioning, evaporative cooling is cheaper, fresher and completely natural air. Furthermore, it keeps your home naturally cool even with your doors and windows open, which is great for enjoying the summer outdoor style.

Key Features

  • Up to 50% cheaper to install than comparable capacity refrigerated systems.
  • Seven times cheaper to run than comparable refrigerated cooling systems.
  • Healthiest way to cool your home, because it uses clean fresh air to replace air in your home
  • The air inside your home is not re-circulated; hence, no smells or allergens
  • Based on a totally natural process of air cooled by water means it won’t dry out the air, or irritate your skin, throat or eyes.
  • As hot air is pushed out of the home, doors can be left open.
  • Uses less electricity than other forms of cooling, so its greenhouse gas contribution is a lot lower.

BRIVIS Evaporative Coolers

BRIVIS Evaporative Cooling

BRIVIS Contour

When you turn your cooler on, the BRIVIS Contour begins its Pre-Wet cycle. Clean fresh water enters the cooler and begins soaking the cooling pads before the fan starts, ensuring that you will only be provided with cool fresh air. It is packed with features to give you comfort and flexibility.

BRIVIS Promina

In this system, the Auto Refresh water management system controls the amount of fresh water added to the system. Once a pre-determined number of fill cycles have been completed the cooler will automatically flush the entire tank and refill it with clean, fresh water. While the water is being refreshed the cooler continues to operate, unlike coolers that use a continuous bleed or dump and fill cycle to refresh the tank water. When cooling is no longer required the BRIVIS Promina will automatically run the Fresh Start operation which means there is no stagnant water or sediment sitting in the cooler before it starts up again – reducing the need for seasonal maintenance.

BRIVIS Advance

With large airflow and cooling pads, the BRIVIS Advance uses a uniquely designed Auto Refresh water management system and has a sloping trough which keeps the water constantly circulating through the system. It has the BRIVIS Fresh Start operation fitted as standard. The BRIVIS Advance also has a variable speed fan allowing the cooler to run slowly when all you need is a gentle breeze to keep you cool.

BRIVIS Evaporative Coolers Service

BRIVIS Evaporative Coolers in recent years have improved the design and features - it has the option of having different colours. Dumping water system is complicated work fine with individual controller BRIVIS and Networker. Network can be used for both heater and air conditioner and can be configured several function including zoning. Clean and sanitise pads. BRIVIS has problem of Fan Blade and motor operation, Leaks, drainage issues. Error code for BRIVIS Evaporative Cooler: Fault - E01 Code#

Key Features

Quieter fan, robust casing, and better after sales service

Spare Parts

Fan Blade, collet, Motor, Ascol pump

BRIVIS Spare Parts

Notice from Brivis for affected unit - HOW TO IDENTIFY IF YOUR MODEL IS AFFECTED

Be sure you have a Brivis brand evaporative cooler. The unit usually sits on your roof. You should also have a Brivis brand controller to operate the cooler.

The Brivis AD and Brivis Advance series of evaporative coolers ARE NOT affected by the rework program. Only Brivis coolers with the sloping base may require rework.


Brivis AD Series, Brivis Advance

Brivis AD Series Brivis Advance


Sold Between 1 August 2001 to 31 October 2003

Serial Number Range: 447638 thru to 559848

Brivis Contour, Brivis Profiler

Brivis Contour Brivis Contour Brivis Profiler

Models: L10, L20, L30, L40, L50, L60

Models: L11, L21 L31, L41, L51, L61, L12, L22, L32, L42, L52, L62, L12A, L22A, L32A, L42A, L52A, L62A L13, L23, L33, L43, L53, L63

Models: P23, P33, P43, P53, P63

BRIVIS Evaporative Cooler Repairs

Breeze Heating and Cooling Engineers are the experts in fixing BRIVIS systems. BRIVIS Evaporative Coolers are very energy efficient, however, they are very technical and a complicated unit to fix. The unit control works on data logic, so it is not easy for a traditional plumber to fix and given our expertise on these units we have taken over a number of jobs from other technicians who cannot repair these units.

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