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Commercial Cooling Repairs

Breeze Heating and Cooling Engineers are the experts in any type of Air-Conditioning Repairs, we are authorised by the Australian authorities and we guarantee our work. Also, repairing an air conditioning system is important from an economical point of view.

Our Services

Breeze Heating and Cooling Engineers an established and accredited company that specializes in all types air conditioning services for commercial purposes to ensure the system works round the year. Our services include Air-Conditioning Installation, chemical cleaning, yearly maintenance contract and more. Standard Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreement provides basic coverage for the parts of your air conditioning system that need frequent service. This agreement also includes a pre-season inspection to ensure peak performance of your system.

Repairs of air conditioners and Periodic Maintenance


Planned maintenance not only assists in preventing unit breakdowns in business critical environments, but also helps to improve energy efficiency and enhance system optimisation for improved performance. Rewards for end users include reduced running costs, quicker payback periods and potentially longer life, plus less carbon emissions.

  • Fixed price within the contract duration
  • Minimum 25% discount on all spare parts
  • Ensures F Gas compliancy

Fixed-price Service & Maintenance

If your Air Conditioning system is serviced or maintained by Airedale, you'll benefit from fixed-price preventative maintenance plans. It gives you set costs for all key maintenance jobs, so you know the price won't escalate unexpectedly. So whilst the ending may well be predictable, it's sure to be a stress free and happy one.

Available Plans

We can make a service plan as per your requirements, our service plans, cover the service and maintenance of chiller and air conditioning units respectively. Also included is a Preventative Maintenance Inspection which provides the following:

  1. Check air handler filters. Clean or replace as necessary.
  2. Check for adequate refrigerant charge.
  3. Check condenser and clean if necessary.
  4. Lubricate condenser fan motor.
  5. Check condenser fan blades for tightness.
  6. Tighten electrical connections at equipment.
  7. Check voltage at unit under load.
  8. Check condensate drain for blockage. Clean as necessary.
  9. Check blower belt for condition, tension, and alignment. Replace as necessary.
  10. Lubricate all bearings where applicable.
  11. Check blower for cleanliness.
  12. Check all safety controls.
  13. Inspect contactor points.
  14. Check and clean thermostat.
  15. Check lockout control.
  16. Inspect evaporator coil cleanliness.
  17. Inspect starting capacitor.
  18. Inspect running capacitor.
  19. Check for vibration and noise.
  20. Inspect relays.
  21. Check and record running and starting amperages.
  22. Check and record suction and discharge pressures.
  23. Make recommendations of any needed repairs to the Unit.

Chemical Cleaning

To improve the efficiency of air conditioning system it is very important to clean indoor and outdoor coils. Some indication of dirty coils are inadequate cooling, not cooling enough, high temperature cut out, unusually noisy units. We use special type of chemicals which dissolves all dirt’s, oils, grease, carbon deposits. By chemical cleaning he degree of heat exchange process improves thus improves the efficiency by 25 percent.


  • Daikin Package Unit

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