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Customer Review - Breeze Heating and Cooling Solutions
  • I have found over the years that Breeze Heating and Cooling Engineers are very consistent, and I have been very impressed with the response and professionalism from the whole crew from the boss down to the apprentice.
  • Because of this I have extended more work their way. They have provided a level of comfort to me in knowing that they are efficient and regularly maintain and service the equipment. All the staff are very professional and friendly.
  • Being in property management, I deal with numerous companies and that Breeze Heating and Cooling Engineers, which is a family company, has been one of the best we have ever used. They come up with cost saving ideas and they also come up with solutions which benefit us economically.
  • I have dealt with a lot of companies over the years and I find that Breeze Heating and Cooling Engineers to be about 10% cheaper than others. They are a very professional outfit, friendly and courteous. Their knowledge of their product is exceptional and they are efficient. The workmanship and quality of their work is excellent.
  • I am 100% happy with that Breeze Heating and Cooling Engineers, because they are professional, very prompt and friendly. Their customer service is excellent and they are still working for us after fifteen years which is a testament to their ability to perform as we require. I find them great to deal with. - Comment made in 2010.
  • The staff are very polite, very prompt and very knowledgeable and they are a magnificent company to deal with. They are all well dressed in identifying uniforms and they are a friendly and professional group of people. I have never had any problems or issues with them and have recommended them on several occasions. - Comment made in 2010.

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