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Commercial Evaporative Cooling system

By using evaporative coolers, the risk of contracting legionnaire’s disease is extremely low. Evaporative cooling has been used worldwide for many years, and there has never been a documented case of infection. The bacteria causing Legionnaires disease are very common, but only build up to dangerous concentrations in warm stagnant water.

Maintenance is critical for Commercial Evaporative Cooling at the end of the summer. Otherwise there is a risk of legionnaire’s disease. We can organise a service contract for all commercial evaporative coolers.

The Maintenance should be carried out before summer starts:

  1. By draining all water from the fan and pipes, clean all wet surfaces of the fan, and casing with a cloth soaked in 5ml of chlorine-based water. All build ups of lime scale or slime are removed and then rinse all surfaces with fresh water and wipe dry.
  2. Celdek pad or Aspen pads, fans operate from a constant supply of cold fresh water, so the bacterium doesn’t have the opportunity to multiply. Lime scale and slime build up can be removed by regular cleaning of wet surfaces with a mild bleach solution, will prevent a build-up forming.

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