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Evaporative Cooling Repairs

Basics about Evaporative Coolers

When we go to beach, we feel cold on a very hot day, that's the basic principle of evaporation of water on the surface and takes the latent heat out from surrounding and lowers the temperature due to evaporation. Same, if we put a drop of water in hand as the water evaporates we feel cold. An evaporative cooler works on same principle as we use wetted filter pad to evaporate water and fan to force the air circulation. These devices cool by evaporating water. A fan draws the warm air from outside through a series of wet filter pads. The air's heat evaporates the water, cooling and humidifying the air, which is then blown into the house. It’s important to ensure a good ventilation so the humid air doesn't accumulate inside. The higher the outside humidity the less efficiently evaporative coolers work, as the humid air from outside won't be able to evaporate much more water from the filter pads - size doesn't really matter. Of course, a larger and a more powerful air cooler will have a stronger air flow and be able to blow cool air over a larger area, but essentially they don't need to be matched to the size of the area like air conditioners do. Unlike air conditioners, you don't have to seal the room or house. In fact, you need to keep a couple of windows or a window and door open because the cooler needs this air flow; it sits in front of an open window or external door and draws the outside air through it.

Maintaining Your Evaporative cooler

Evaporative Coolers require a routine maintenance including springtime start up, and more importantly, wintertime shut down to prevent freezing of the water line. We will perform a full start-up on the cooler when we install it, then perform the winterization when you schedule it this fall. We will also return next spring to perform another full start-up to prepare for next summer.

Risk of contracting legionnaire’s disease is extremely low by running of Evaporative Coolers. There has never been a documented case of infection by Evaporative Coolers and they have been used worldwide for many years. The bacteria causing Legionnaires disease are very common, but only build up to dangerous concentrations in warm stagnant water. Maintenance is critical for evaporative coolers at the end of summer. Otherwise, there is a risk of legionnaire’s disease. We can organise a service contract for all types of Evaporative Coolers.

The Work should be carried out before summer starts

  1. By draining all water from the fan and pipes, and clean all wet surfaces of the fan and casing with a cloth soaked in 5ml of chlorine-based water. All build ups of lime scale or slime are removed and then rinse all surfaces with fresh water and wipe dry. Also, we dose slow release chemical which last a season for the summer.
  2. Celdek pad or Aspen pads, fans operate from a constant supply of cold fresh water, so the bacterium doesn’t have the opportunity to multiply. Lime scale and slime build up can be removed b regular cleaning of wet surfaces with a mild bleach solution, will prevent a build-up forming.
  3. Checking fans and motors time to time is very important, lots of cases we found the fan bracket cracked and whole assembly fallen in the dropper box causing expensive repair; also, the fan coupling become loose and caused motor shaft worn out resulting in a costly motor replacement. Fan motor belt is important to tension time to time; otherwise, a cooler draws less air in the house and overheating of the belt eventually belt broken off on a hot day.
  4. Tuning and adjustment of the cooler; too much water flowing to pad will cause moisture in the house in some case, and water leakage in the dropper box causing discoloration of the paint - too less water will cause inadequate cooling.


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