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Gas Ducted Heaters

At Breeze, our specially trained heating and cooling engineers work with major brands including Brivis, Vulcan, Bonaire, Lennox, Omega and Stadt to deliver quality solutions at affordable prices. We can service or repair any existing system – even from full breakdown. Or, let our experts work with you to craft a brand new system from scratch that will meet your heating and cooling needs exactly.

We are Melbourne’s unsurpassed experts in installing and servicing Ducted Gas Heating, split systems, Hydronic Heating, Space Heating, Cool Rooms and Freezers. We work with residential and commercial properties alike, so no matter what your needs, you can be sure you are getting a great service with Breeze. Any system, any size, any time. The Breeze Heating and Cooling engineers are experts in ducted heating system design. We care about providing Clean Air and Superior Safety. If you are using an ordinary heater or fireplace, you would know that there are risks associated. Most obvious is the fire risk then inhaling hazardous fumes from gas heaters, carbon monoxide poisoning.

Breeze Engineers Quality Designing you can trust:

Designing of duct works:

Properly designed duct work will eliminate inconsistent temperatures in the rooms, noisy air flow, and stressed duct work. We used interlace ducts with minimum joints (bulk installer uses off cut duct from previous job) and highly insulated ductwork to save heat loss.

Load Calculation and sizing of the equipment:

We calculate heat load to get a heating system which works effectively and economically; it is important to calculate how much heating power will be required, into the building as a whole (in order to calculate the required size for the heater or other heat source) and into each room. We consider the followings:

  • The area of walls, windows, doors, floor and ceilings is calculated, temperature differences across the elements are multiplied by the above figures to calculate total fabric loss
  • The volume of the room is calculated, the number of air-changes per hour expected for the room is found from a table, The above two figures are multiplied together with a factor for the heat capacity of air to calculate total ventilation loss
  • The fabric and ventilation losses are added to calculate the total heat requirement of the room; therefore, the size of a radiator or other heat-emitter(s) required.

System Zoning:

Zoning is important for an energy efficient system for larger homes Zoning is recommended to further reduce running costs. Certain areas (zones) of the house can be turned off - i.e. bedrooms off through the day or formal living areas independent of other zones. In some big houses we designed 4 zoned areas controlled by individual thermostat programmed to run as you are using those areas.

Digital Thermostat and comfort control:

By putting a digital thermostat will save your rising monthly energy bills, a programmable thermostat is a beneficial investment. These smart devices allow you to fine-tune the temperature in your home for every hour of every day. You can enjoy the optimal level of comfort when you’re at home and active, and your thermostat will save you money by automatically adjusting the temperatures when you’re away or asleep.

Getting Started

We recommend to call our Breeze Heating and Cooling experts to visit the site and help you in decision making. When you chose to install a new system, it is 20 to 40 percent more efficient than minimum-efficiency models made even 10 years ago. If you're replacing an old central-Heating r system, you can expect to pay a few thousand dollars for the equipment. If you're starting completely from scratch or are upgrading a forced-air heating system, expect to have central ducted heating system is typically the best choice. If you are not planning to heat the entire home, you might want to consider a zoned system.

Heater Selection Table

Hydronic zoned with wood / solar heat source LOW VERY LOW
High efficiency ducted natural gas LOW LOW
Hydronic zoned natural gas or heat pump LOW LOW
Ducted reverse cycle heat pump MEDIUM MEDIUM
In-slab off-peak electric MEDIUM HIGH

Change over heaters: Breeze is the expert in Changeover Heaters

Breeze also helps you in choosing change over heaters, when changing over heaters some of the fact is very important weather changing over to the same or go for an energy efficient brands, if your gas bills are very high it is better to have an efficient heater. Also Breeze has the vast product knowledge which helps to choose your unit.

Few thing to be checked before buying a gas ducted system such as should I go for Heat pump split ducted system, Gas ducted system or Hydronic system. Take a look around your house for any changes you've made to improve your home's energy efficiency, such as replacing windows or adding insulation, this can reduce your heating needs. On the other hand, if you've added rooms, you might need more heating. You should consider whether your ducts need to be resized, sealed and insulated, or replaced. Also, you should be involved in considering a few factors including fire risk if the heater installed in the cupboard, allergic reaction to the family, dry air discomfort, carbon monoxide poisoning and so on.

Our Installation Services:

We install a range of different brands like Brivis Heaters Melbourne, Lennox heaters, Vulcan Heaters Melbourne, Omega Heaters Melbourne, Braemer Heaters Melbourne, Stadt Heaters Melbourne, and are able to install a heater either in the ceiling or under the floor, if there is an adequate clearance. A ducted heater can have a timer controller to allow you to set the system to turn on and off at different time.


  • 3 years parts and labour
  • 6 years installation
  • 10 years manufacturer’s warranty on heat exchanger and burners

Types of heater we install in Melbourne: Brivis, Stadt, Vulcan, Omega, Braemer, Lennox

Gas Ducted Heating Brands
Gas Ducted Heating Gas Ducted Heating

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