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Breeze heating and cooling engineers is working running around clock to provide a professional service Melbourne. Lennox International came into being in 1895 by founder Dave Lennox, he invented, manufactured and marketed the world's first riveted-steel furnace. Today, Lennox International manufactures a line of gas, oil and electric furnaces for residential customers in the United States. If you do need a replacement heater, there are a few options for heating your home depending upon the type of system you choose to use for your furnace.

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Some of the highest efficiency furnaces using natural gas can reach efficiencies of up to 98%. The two percent is lost to heat that escapes out the ventilation system. There are alternative fuel options available in case natural gas is Electricity (Heat Pump technology). Although electric furnaces are now a days as efficient as natural gas furnaces, they are a good option due to the availability of electricity in most areas.

Common problem with Lennox G series furnace like stopped working, can reset the furnace and can see that on the control board both LEDs (green and red) are blinking together which indicates the furnace is operating correctly. Once reset you can also hear a small click when I reset it as well after a minute or so the red LED turns off and the green LED blinks. That's it. Nothing else is happening, no inducer fan, igniter or blower is turning on. The diagnostic sheet gives the following for the blink pattern:

  1. Pressure switch open

    The inlet and exhaust vents look good, nothing seems to be blocked. I can take off the small rubber tube going from the inducer to the pressure switch and use a straw by blowing/sucking to open/close the switch manually, that should eliminate

  2. Blocked inlet/exhaust vent or,
  3. Condensate line blocked or,
  4. Pressure switch closed prior to activation of combustion air inducer.

    Normally the inducer will start up first and will create a negative pressure to close the pressure switch but since this isn't happening I am assuming this is the problem since the control board doesn't detect the pressure switch being closed, the igniter and blower won't turn on.

Trouble Shooting

Is your Lennox product not operating correctly? Follow this simple trouble-shooting guide, before calling your installing dealer for service.

  • Check operation of the remote control and that batteries are in a fully charged condition.
  • Check for blown fuse, tripped circuit breakers, or open isolating switches.
  • Check your filters. If they require a clean, remove them and wash with warm soapy water.
  • Check all inlets and outlets to ensure they are free from interference and/or blocking.

Some products are equipped with manual lockout or manual reset devices. Check with your installing dealer or operating instructions. Reset if necessary. CAUTION: Do not reset more than once. If the unit continues to malfunction, call your service dealer.

  • Switch off the electrical supply to the Lennox furnace from your electrical service panel to eliminate the risk of electrical injury during the resetting process. Flip the circuit breaker switch labelled "Furnace" or "Heating System" into the "Off" position and leave it there.
  • Take the control access panel off your Lennox furnace. Note the location of this panel varies; it is the bottom panel on down flow furnaces and the top panel on up flow furnace models. Lift the control panel up and away from the appliance; set it aside.
  • Examine the exposed furnace components. Look for a raised button or switch to the right of the furnace's ignition control box; this is the "Limit Control" switch.
  • Press and release the "Limit Control" switch to reset your furnace.
  • Reverse the removal instructions to replace the furnace control access panel. Return to the electrical service panel and flip the "Furnace" or "Heating System" switch to the "On" position.
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