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Omega Heaters

Breeze Heating and cooling engineer are specialised installer and repairer of Omega heater. Over the past 15 years we have proved our commitment and technical expertise by providing cost effective maintenance of omega heaters. All our work is covered by our no frill guarantee over. Omega heaters are designed for high efficiency operation to ensure that you get the maximum amount of heat output for a given gas input. Omega offers a choice of different efficient gas heaters, the Gas Energy Rating of these heaters is either 3 star or 4 star. There is a provision of dual thermostats which allow you to maintain ideal comfort levels throughout the entire house whilst slashing energy costs and protecting the environment. These units are manufactured to exacting standards with a strong durable cabinet, super quiet operation and electronics ignitions; this ensures years of hassle-free comfort. In terms of the control systems, Honeywell, Johnson, Fenwal and Siemens have no equal. Omega uses various types of Electronic Control Boards made by these manufacturers. The control system incorporates a direct spark ignition system that offers full safety to the heater and its surroundings. Electronic Ignition systems mean 100% reliability and eliminates a wasteful pilot light and the hassles associated with lighting a pilot every winter and re-lighting the pilot light if it goes out.


  • Energy efficient heater
    Efficient heat generation for a given quantity of gas: Better value for money:
  • Zoning Capability:
    Zoned Heating allows you to heat only the area you need to heat. Controlled system with Zoning will not heat the bedrooms during the day or the living areas at night. The Omega Heating zoned heaters automatically reduce gas and fan outputs when a particular zone is shut-off.
  • Multiple Thermostat
    A single thermostat in a house can only measure the temperature of the area in which it is located but cannot determine the temperatures of the other areas. In older residential heating systems has a single controller or thermostat to monitor all the zones which results in uneven temperatures and wasted heating energy. By installing multiple thermostats and zoning all the areas can be constantly monitored and control the system for maximum comfort and saving of energy costs.
  • No pilot electronic ignition system:
    Recent technology of Electronic spark ignition eliminates the need of a constantly running pilots, and uses less electricity than the hot surface ignition systems, thus reducing the energy bill and benefitting our environment. All Omega heaters have state of the art electronic ignition systems which save up to $40 per year on your gas bill compared to permanent pilots.

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