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Space Heating

Space Heating is mainly designed to heat or warm a small space very quickly and cost effectively when the outside temperature is very low, mostly used in cold countries where you heat only the area you live to save the energy costs. Space heating is space saving by not having ducts and return air. The design and distribution of heat makes the heater very energy efficient and thus less greenhouse gas emission. This is the most efficient system in heating.

Key Factors

  • Energy Efficient
  • Clean Air
  • Safe Heating
  • Comfort Control
  • Quiet

Space Heaters can be divided into those that transfer their heat primarily by convection, or by radiation.

  1. Convective Type
  2. Radiative Type

Convective heaters

This type of convection heaters heating element air directly by heat exchanger or heat which in turn transfers heat to the air. The air then warms the objects and people in the space. Convective Heaters are fan assisted and suitable for providing constant, diffuse heat in well-insulated rooms. Fan Heaters are dangerous which may pose a fire hazard or burn out electricity can cause electric shock.

Radiative heaters or Infrared heaters

The advantage of using radiative heaters is that the infrared radiation they produce is absorbed directly by clothing and skin, without first heating the air in the space. This makes them suitable for warming people in poorly insulated rooms, or even outdoors. In Factory situation it is very effective.

Installation and change overs

Using an unflued gas heater introduces emissions into the room including carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases. We strongly recommend power flued system in the house which is safer and energy efficient to use.

The other issue is Gas fluing outside the room, without leaks, we check with care is there must be a negative pressure in the Flue system and no blockage in the flue. Also it is economical to change over a heater with the most energy efficient system with major changes.

Space Heating - Breeze Heating & Cooling Specialists
Space Heating - Breeze Heating & Cooling SpecialistsSpace Heating - Breeze Heating & Cooling Specialists Space Heating - Breeze Heating & Cooling Specialists

Why choose a space heater?

Energy-efficient means power-efficient systems. For every 1 kW of power consumed by our air conditioning unit, around 3 kW in heating or cooling is created. By providing a total solution, to heat, cool and dehumidify your home.

Cleam Air

Clean Environment All systems must have dust filters – wall mounted units have additional filters for removal of mould, bacteria and odours. Some models even feature Nano Titanium Filtration System. With dehumidification functions sufferers of respiratory problems can breathe a sigh of relief. In keeping with a clean environment we use only ozone friendly refrigerants. By eliminating harmful emissions and providing the most energy-efficient heating system the greater environment can benefit too.

Safe Heating

If you're using an ordinary heater or fireplace, you'll know there are risks associated. Most obvious is the fire risk; then there's the danger of tripping over the power cords of electric heaters, burns to young children, or inhaling hazardous fumes from gas heaters.

Using space heating there are no unhealthy exhaust gases circulating in the air, no hot surfaces inside the home, no messy ashes or fumes and no smelly chimneys, Breeze space heating is the perfect choice for your heating needs.

Comfort Control

A heating system can disperse warm or cool air evenly throughout your whole room, unlike traditional radiators that only work in a localised area. When there is programmed to reach the perfect temperature with digital set-and-forget thermostat. Your desired temperature is achieved quickly, and then accurately and effectively maintained, automatically. You can be comfortable all year round at the touch of a button. In Melbourne, mostly, people use the following type of systems in their homes.

Quiet Indoors & Out

Our Product knowledge and experience has played vital role for choosing the equipment with leading sound reduction, both indoors and outdoors – good news for you and your neighbours. The unit can run quietly all night, ensuring an undisturbed sleep difficult to hear that it is actually running while it is installed in your roof spaces.

Servicing Space Heater

Breeze heating and cooling engineers servicing over 15 years in space heaters, we are specialised in Change over system. With the product knowledge we are able to change over space heater with minimum cost.


  • 1 year parts and labour
  • 10 years installation

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