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Vulcan Heaters

Breeze heating and Cooling Engineers install and maintain Bonaire-Vulcan range of equipment for commercial and domestic heating. Vulcan heaters are state of the art, efficient and reliable equipment.

Breeze Heating and Cooling Engineers will select and recommend the proper equipment specifically for you application. The most popular heaters for this range are the Vulcan-Bonaire MB3. MB4 and Bonaire MB5. MB3 heaters are designed as an efficient solid performing unit with three star performance. This ducted system provide effective and efficient whole of home heating with minimum cost. Bonaire multi tube heat exchanger, electronic ignition and state of the art diagnostic control boards. The Bonaire Slimline Digital thermostat or the optional Navigator wall mounted digital controller allows you to pre-set four independent heating periods per day

The MB4 is multi tube heat exchanger heater combined with a modulating gas valve which minimises gas usage and modulating room air fan with a four star energy efficiency. The advanced technology of the modulation is able to match the load requirements of your home by reducing its heating capacity as low as 10%. This not only reduces gas consumption but also reduces electricity usage of the fan motor. The MB4 series also offer the choice of Navigator Wall Mounted Controller or the Navigator Radio Frequency (RF) Remote Controller. Both are fully programmable for automatic operation and capable of running up to 8 integrated zones.

The Bonaire M4 Series Ducted Gas Heaters come with a 5 year parts and labour domestic warranty. Both the cabinet and parts are also covered by extensive warranties. Ask us about the extended 7 year warranty option.

The MB5 is similar to the MB4 design and also has the ability to reduce the heating capacity to as low as 10% allowing further reduction of the energy costs.

The earlier Vulcan Ilec V5/V4 models are either 5 star or 4 star rated popular heating equipment

V5 has a unique three-tier gas management system with a modulating gas valve, modulating combustion fan and a unique modulating room air fan that minimises wasteful on/off cycling. V5 units are manufactured from Colorbond® and are backed by a 10-year parts-only warranty on the heat exchanger and burner.

The salient features for the Bonaire-Vulcan heaters are:
  • Models to suit any size home or budget
  • 3, 4 and 5 star energy rated units
  • Easy installation
  • Low running costs, revolutionary heat exchanger design for higher efficiency
  • Full range of fully programmable controls
  • Proudly Australian owned and manufactured
  • 4 and 5 star have zone capability built in
  • All electronic ignition
  • Predictive gas modulation to optimise gas consumption
  • Auto adjusting air delivery to optimise energy usage.
  • Multiple thermostat capability

Vulcan Heaters - Breeze Heating & Cooling Specialists

Vulcan Heaters - Breeze Heating & Cooling Specialists Vulcan Heaters - Breeze Heating & Cooling Specialists

The key benefit of V5 5 star gas central heating is the significant savings (up to 48% less to run than conventional ducted gas heating**) you can make on your heating bills to heat your whole home.

Model: CX90, Ilec V5, V3, V4

Fault Code: 1 Flash, 3 Flash, 4 Flash, 7 Flash, 8 Flash, 10 Flash

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