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Maintaining Your Air Conditioner (Ducted or split system):

How an Air-conditioner works is important to know; firstly, a refrigerant is cooled by the outdoor unit (air conditioner or heat pump) then compress the refrigerant and send the chilled refrigerant back inside the indoor coil. The air is cooled and this air is then pushed through the coil system by the variable speed fan motor. The cold refrigerant in the coils absorbs heat and causes moisture to condense, thus cooling and dehumidifying the air. This conditioned air is pushed on by a fan while the heated refrigerant is sent back outside to the air conditioner (condensing unit). The refrigerant is pressurized in the condensing unit which removes the heat. Then the cycle repeats.

The Indoor Fan pulls air from the home through the return air duct and the filtered air circulates in the house. After leaving the indoor coils, cool, dehumidified air is pushed back into the home. In extremely humid climates, a separate whole home dehumidifier can be installed to further remove humidity from the conditioned air. There are Ventilators are part of complete indoor air quality solutions as they exchange fresh outdoor air for stale indoor air. A ventilator is able to do this with minimal loss of energy, retaining the cooled and dehumidified air your HVAC system worked hard to produce!

Air conditioner's filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance for the unit to function effectively and efficiently throughout its years of service. Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases. In addition to the steps below, you may also need to hire a Professional Service Technician to assist with maintenance.

Maintaining Your Air Conditioning component

Air Conditioner Filters

When clogged, dirty filters block normal air flow and reduce the system's efficiency significantly. With normal air flow obstructed, air that bypasses the filter may carry dirt directly into the evaporator coil and impair the coil's heat-absorbing capacity. Keeping the filter clean can lower your air conditioner's energy consumption by 5%-15%.

The most important maintenance task that will ensure the efficiency of your air conditioner is to routinely replace or clean its filters. Some types of filters are reusable; others must be replaced. They are available in a variety of types and efficiencies. Clean or replace your air conditioning system's filter or filters every month or two during the cooling season. Filters may need more frequent attention if the air conditioner is in constant use, is subjected to dusty conditions, or you have fur-bearing pets in the house.

Air Conditioner Coils

The Air Conditioner's evaporator coil and condenser coil collect dirt over their months and years of service. A clean filter prevents the evaporator coil from soiling quickly. In time, however, the evaporator coil will still collect dirt. This dirt reduces air flow and insulates the coil, reducing its ability to absorb heat. To avoid this problem, check your evaporator coil every year and clean it as necessary.

Outdoor condenser coils can also become very dirty if the outdoor environment is dusty or if there is foliage nearby. You can easily see the condenser coil and notice if dirt is collecting on its fins.

Keep outside condensing unit clear, it should minimize dirt and debris near the condenser unit. Some important points to make dryer vents, falling leaves, and lawn mower are all potential sources of dirt and debris. Cleaning the area around the coil, removing any debris, and trimming foliage back at least half meters allow for adequate air flow around the condenser.

Coil Fins

Coil aluminium fins on evaporator and condenser coils are easily bent and can block air flow through the coil. Our service technician has the air conditioning "fin comb" that will comb these fins back into nearly original condition.

Condensate Drains

Drain where the condensate water drips outside, clogged drains will start leaking and will have excess moisture in to the house or may discolour walls or carpet.

Door, Window Seals, Celling Insulation

Any time of the season, inspect the door/window seals, seal between the air conditioner and the window frame to ensure it is secured.

Components of the Air Conditioners

The compressor is the main component for an air conditioning system, like the heart, it pumps the gas around the system to cool it down and takes away the heat. Efficiency of a system depends on compressors, condensers, evaporators etc. However, it is the compressor which is the expensive part of the unit. Before any compressor fails, you may notice that the unit is hard-starting, particularly when starting against a head pressure (someone switched the system off while the compressor was running, then tried turning it right back on). Another sign of a failing compressor is noisy motor operation, such as buzzing or clanking sounds coming from the outside unit housing the compressor motor. When a sealed compressor motor has "burned out" this means that the internal wiring of the motor has become irreparably damaged - the compressor motor windings may be burned and shorted together. If the motor has burned out in either of these ways it needs to be replaced.

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At Breeze Heating Engineering, we believe that there is more to being a successful air-conditioning servicing company / contractor than providing our customers with quality products. The reputation we have built over the last 15 years is based on much more than the high quality of our Air Conditioning service. Our commitment to our customers and our responsibility and providing a clean breathable air to our customers. We understand the importance of providing excellent after sales service. We provide competitive Air-Conditioning Servicing and contract maintenance prices as well as affordable air-condoning repair services. Further discounts are available through regular deals and promotions.

  • System not efficient
  • Icing up condenser
  • Digital thermostat control
  • Burn out compressor
  • Leaking Gas - Gas detection methods using the Gas leak Detector for air conditioning and refrigerant gas leaks. If the gas leak detected it has to be fixed and pressure tested before Gas charged again, it is an expensive project. We recommend that you have a routine maintenance program.

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  • Brivis Add on cooling Service
  • Lennox Air conditioning Service
  • York Air conditioning Service
  • Stadt air conditioning service
  • Fujitsu, Daikin, Panasonic, Carrier air conditioning service
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