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AquaBreeze Evaporative Cooler

Look of New AquaBreeze

New AquaBreeze is has electronic technology and features. As they have most of the components electronically controlled and has electronic water level sensor. Here is some of the features for AquaBreeze:

AquaBreeze Evaporative Cooler
  • No rust - marine grade aluminium frame.90 mm honey combed pads - ensure better efficiency and effective cooling
  • Built in reservoir and water management system, Uses less water and no chance of water borne diseases
  • Pre-wetting cycle ensures cool fresh air - first time, every time
  • Hush Drive ensures quiet operation
  • 6 Models - 3 colours. A unit for every house
  • Weather seal eliminates drafts and heat loss in winter when the unit is not in use

Common Problems

  • Not starting or blown main circuit breaker or one of the power breaker because it always plugged to a GPO points
  • Water leaking on the roof, exhaust valve blown normally causes the electronic PCB to blow
  • Dump valve leaking
  • Circuit breaker tripping out
  • No cool air

Troubleshooting AquaBreeze

What if the fan blades touch the venturi?

To maximize airflow and minimize noise levels, AquaBreeze evaporative coolers have a very tight tolerance between fan blades and the venturi. The motor bracket and venturi is designed to maintain fan rotation without interference. There are two possible reasons for fan blade interference.

  1. The notches on the motor bracket are not seated in the lugs on the venturi. To rectify, align motor bracket with lugs
  2. The dropper box is not the correct size or is not square. This forces the venturi out of shape. To rectify, remove mounting nuts and washers again and enlarge mounting holes on base. Realign and refit washers and nuts

What if the fan does not come on?

For easy installation and service all fan motors are fitted with polarized plugs, which can only be plugged in one way. Remove motor plug, check its polarity with the loom housing and re-fit plug making sure it is locked in.

What if the pads are not getting wet?

Check that the water supply tap is turned on. Check that the pads are fitted in correctly.

What if there is low airflow in the cool mode?

When the ON/OFF COOL button is pressed the cooler automatically selects the fan speed. It might appear that the fan is not operating or the airflow is too low for your comfort. You can over-ride the automatic function by pressing the FAN ONLY button and use the STEP button and set the fan speed to the desired level.

AquaBreeze Evaporative Cooler Parts

Maintenance and Servicing

Servicing AquaBreeze evaporative coolers is complicated. Sometimes it relates to the electronic component of the unit. All the components including the water level controllers are electronic based.

We are able to service any brand of evaporative cooler. Our service will provide you with the knowledge that your cooler is working correctly and efficiently. Units can last up to 20 years or beyond if looked after correctly, serviced regularly and providing replacement parts are available.

The main tasks we perform during a service include, but are not limited to:

  • Clean water sensors
  • Clean pump filter
  • Clean Filter Pads if needed
  • Unblock water distribution holes
  • Dosing chemicals

Repair of AquaBreeze Evaporative Cooler

We are able to repair AquaBreeze evaporative cooler, providing replacement parts are available. There are many reasons why your cooler may not be working as efficiently or at all, some of which could be:

  • Pump not working
  • Fan Motor burnt out
  • Circuit board burnt out
  • Poor airflow for duct issue
  • Electrical fault at power point or in the unit
  • Filter Pad Renewals

Our Charges

We carry most of the spare parts for these AquaBreeze evaporative cooler parts on board to fix them on the spot.

Single storey building $165 + $22 for chemicals

Double storey building $209 + $22 for chemicals


3 Months for General Service and free call out, 1 year for any parts used.

Same day service

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