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Braemar Heaters

At Breeze Heating and Cooling engineers we are specialised in Braemar ducted heating. We normally sale, service and install them in competitive price. Our speciality to the customer help them to choose the best Braemar product.

As per recent years it claims that Braemar 7 star equivalent the world's first and most energy efficient ducted gas heater, Braemar Heater is built from the highest quality materials and is engineered to provide many years of trouble free performance. Due to lower greenhouse gas emission then other heaters, when it is very cold outside any refrigerated reverse cycle air conditioner rustically loses efficiency while any ducted gas heater works on peak efficiency. Braemar Claims instant warm air, distributes even heat in the house. Braemar has a touch screen controller which is easier to operate.

Breeze Braemar Heaters

Braemar Heater Models

  • Braemar 3 star range Braemar 3 star Adaptair series (TB/TQ series)
  • Braemar 4 star range (TE/TQ Series)
  • Braemar 5 star condensing range, Braemar 5 star non-condensing range(TQ5)
  • Braemar 6 star condensing range (Super-Six TQS6X32)
  • Braemar 7 star condensing range (TQS730)

Installation and Changeover

Breeze heating is expert in installation and change over heaters. The changeover will take 2 hours and cheaper in cost. The installation will take a full day cost around $3500 with six points. Added zoning and extra air fan cost little bit more.


Heater is on in the thermostat, but the heater is not working.

  • Check the gas and power
  • Turn the thermostat to the off position, wait 5 seconds set the thermostat temperature to above room temperature. The heater should now operate.

Heater is not operating effectively and not heating enough.

  • Check that there are enough outlets opened for the fan speed selected.
  • Is the return air filter cleaned?

Not enough Heating.

  • Is the thermostat located in the correct area?
  • Is the return air filter cleaned?
  • Heat signal is on in the thermostat.

As soon as thermostat is on Heater fan comes on heater does not work

  • Not sparking, or not building pressure due to pressure switch.
  • Please call Breeze heating for service

The heater fires up Room Fan does not come on, then heater shuts down.

  • Check that there are enough outlets opened for the fan speed selected.
  • Is the return air filter cleaned?

Heater is not operating effectively and not heating enough.

  • Faulty sensor
  • Faulty electronic board
  • Faulty Fan motor
  • Call Breeze heating and cooling engineers for Service.

Any Braemar heater should be service every 2 years. Also it is recommended to check your energy consumption time to time. As the energy prices rising, ducted gas heating has the edge on reverse cycle when it comes to both efficiency and performance, and even more so now with the world's first 7 star equivalent ducted gas heater from Braemar. Al Breeze we can help you with any needs.

Breeze Heating offers:

  • Same day service
  • 10% Discount on phone booking
  • Free quote for New System
  • Professional Installation
  • Save with advice and Installation

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