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Evaporative Cooling Installation

Evaporative Cooling is very simple and is a cost-effective method for cooling indoor spaces, depending on the climate- humidity where you live, Evaporative Cooling might not be the most effective cooling option for you. Hence, understanding how evaporative air coolers work will help you decide if this is the right cooling solution for you.

  • Portable or Fixed Roof mounted type
  • It can be low as only the fan uses energy
  • Cheaper then Air Conditioners
  • Your second choice for mechanical cooling should be evaporative coolers

Residential coolers are designed to work on natural phenomenon and it will consistently cool your home. The principle is: using a fan to draw warm, stale air inside the unit, where it passes over water-moistened pads to be cooled. During this process, the air is cooled up to 20 degrees. Then, the cool, rejuvenated air is circulated throughout your environment. Since the cool air is continually circulating and creating a breeze, your ambient temperature can feel four to six to eight degrees lower than the actual temperature. For example, perspiring in hot weather is a form of evaporative cooling, whereby your body produces sweat, which evaporates and allows the body to cool. You can also feel the effects of evaporative cooling when you step out of a pool on a hot day and immediately feel a chill. These cooling effects occur because as dry air passes over water, the dry air will absorb some of the water.

The key to effectively cooling your home with an Evaporative Cooler is hot and dry air such as what is found in Melbourne. In fact, evaporative coolers are most effective during the hottest times of the day and when humidity levels are below 50 percent. Although the name "swamp cooler" sounds like it would cool muggy, swamp-like conditions, these machines would actually be ineffective in warm, humid areas, like people living in more humid climates who are searching for a cost-effective alternative to traditional Central Air Conditioning systems, and would consider a refrigerated Air Conditioner.

Key Features

  • Save energy and costs
  • Fresh air intake improves the air quality
  • Less carbon emission
  • Very quiet as the main unit is located outdoors
Evaporative Cooling System Installation

Calculation guide to size evaporative swamp coolers?

If an Evaporative Water Cooler is too small for your area, it will have to work extra hard to keep the space cool; hence, wasting energy. To get the best results from your evaporative water cooler you have to find the swamp cooler best suited for your needs, calculate your ideal air delivery Cubic meter per minute CMM. This is the amount of fresh air cycled through your environment each minute. To find the necessary CMM for effectively cooling your room, divide the cubic meter of space to be cooled by two. For example, if your room is 2000 square meter with 3-meter ceilings, use the following equation:

2000 X 3 / 2 = 3000 CMM


Breeze heating and cooling engineers, with over ten years of experience, are experts in Evaporative Coolers Installation. We use plumbers and electricians to help us installation process which takes six to eight hours of a day. Our design experts do the designing, so that enough air can circulate through the building and the space has enough heat transfer methods, the duct we use is highly insulated, hence, no heat loss. We recommend that when using an evaporative cooler, the windows in the living area should be partially open in shadow sides, so no sun or hot air can come inside. Also, in hot days in Melbourne, over 36 degrees, and high humidity the cooler is not going to work.


There is no specific thermostatic control for evaporative coolers because the performance of evaporative coolers always varies due to humidity, fluctuations of temperature and efficiency level of equipment. This sometimes makes occupants feel a bit cooler, while most of the time they’ll make you feel muggy, delivering high humidity conditions that are outside the accepted comfort zone. Evaporative cooling is primitive, outdated and has been superseded by advances in modern, fast and efficient reverse cycle air-conditioning which is based on a variation of the same technology that runs our kitchen fridge, reliably keeping our food from spoiling day in and day out. Only a controlled evaporative cooler has the timer, fan speed and water pumps on/off.

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