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Heating Repairs

At Breeze heating we can Plan a maintenance system in which we come and service every winter before the season starts. We cover most of Metropolitan area of Melbourne. Breeze heating and cooling engineers are working round the clock for over two decades in the local industry. We offer a professional and reliable service with warranty and satisfaction guaranteed. An expertise approach always saves money and stops repeated work. As we carry most of parts on board we can fix the job site and for instance we have carry some expensive parts we would not charge you on the day, will be carried to next day.

Any gas heating system needs a regular maintenance in order to avoid a risk for break down in the middle of winter when mostly needed, safety issues such as fire risk or health risk. Energy Safe Victoria recommend that all gas heaters – including ducted heaters, room heaters and decorative log fires – are serviced at least once every two years by a registered or licensed gasfitter to ensure both the heater and flue are working properly. In Melbourne Gas Ducted Heaters, Split Systems, Space heater or Hydronic Heaters runs more than 7-8 months in the whole year.

Heater Repairs Melbourne

Our maintenance system - checking few factors as follows:

The condition of Heat exchangers impacts on performance, a cracked heat exchanger can cause malfunctioning of the heater including faulty pressure switch open, high delivery temperatures, over heating switch tripped, Carbon monoxide poisoning. In our extensive checking we make sure your heat exchanger is okay.

Do you have an alarm for Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a deadly, colourless, odourless, and very poisonous gas which is produced by an incomplete combustion of natural gas, L.P.G etc. Carbon Monoxide poisoning is most commonly caused by faulty gas heaters - mainly burners or blocked flues. It is not only the risk of CO poisoning if you use these appliances indoors they consume all the air and you risk death from oxygen depletion.

Do you have Filter on you Return air Grill?

Filtration of air in the Heating system provides cleaner air circulation in the house. But a dirty filter or a clogged damaged filter can have serious impact on air circulation, overheating of the heater, collapsed ductwork, heater cutting in out all the time. Heater fan and return air grill has impact on the performance of any heating system and adequate air circulation is a must for any heating system, how about integrity of the duct?

Few instances we have fixed the higher gas bills by just taping up a duct, so our maintenance team always emphasized on duct work and filter.

Chart for Heating maintenance – Melbourne:

Heating Systems Maintenance

Controllers or Digital Thermostats:

  • Energy saving - by installing a digital thermostat you can save up to $200 a year on energy bills
  • Safer - no mercury in the thermostat and no moving parts.
  • Timer operation - by programming the thermostat it specify the timings of the heater or coolers to operation.

Zoning – does it work properly?

Many service company does not checkout you zoning system in proper working conditioning. Breeze professionally checks the operation of your your system zoning thus assuring that the heating or cooling system will work at the best optimum level.

Our Heating Repair Services:

We back our repair and maintenance services 100% with a 90-day guarantee and our replacement parts with a one-year warranty. Our professionals are local, licensed, insured, and underwent a thorough background-screening process. You can have a routine maintenance contract with us, and in every service we will provide a free Carbon Monoxide testing. In our service, we give the customer an option to change the traditional thermostat over to a digital thermostat.

Heater Repair Brands – Melbourne:

We offer Quality Installation on the Following Brands!

Brivis Heaters, Stadt Heaters, Vulcan Heaters, Omega Heaters, Braemer Heaters, Lennox Heaters

Heater Installation Brands

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